A 5-Day Drive Through Ireland

September 25, 2013

Father Sakowski recalls his whirlwind tour of the Emerald Isle. He spent a couple of days with his cousin, who was studying abroad in a “peace and conflict” program and was learning firsthand from the challenges (and successes) in Derry, epicenter of “the troubles” between Catholics and Protestants.  When not learning from his cousin’s experiences, Father spent his time learning to drive on the left as he explored many fascinating sites including:

--Dunluce Castle
--Giant’s Causeway
--An prehistoric burial site / shrine (dated to 3200 B.C.)
--The Aran Islands
--The Shrine at Knock

In addition to sharing stories and photos, Father will consider various more serious themes of faith, religion, history, and culture:

--Religion:  Cause of violence, or cause of peace?
--The encounter between the Gospel and Pagan culture
--Irish Monasticism