The Fascinating Island of Malta

November 13, 2013

Many people are entirely unaware of the significant roles played by this seemingly insignificant island in the middle of the Mediterranean. During the “Year of St. Paul,” Father Sakowski had the privilege of a four-day holiday in Malta with a few priest friends.  In addition to retracing the sites of Paul’s shipwreck and winter imprisonment (cf. Acts 27-28), they also toured some of the battle sites from “The Great Siege” of 1565, when 900 Knights of St. John managed to hold out against 40,000 invading Turks.  It is also a popular site for filming movies.  Fr. Sakowski will describe some of the trip’s highlights:

--The City of Valetta
--a boat ride that did not end in a shipwreck
--swimming in the Blue Lagoon

He will also explore some more serious themes on faith, religion, history, culture, and spirituality:

--Learning from St. Paul
--The massive significance of “The Great Siege” of 1565 in world history
--Religion, Violence, Tolerance, and the Quest for World Peace