The Trains in Spain

October 2, 2013

Father Sakowski recounts his tour of Spain by train (and one bus).  His six days there offered him several fascinating experiences: a pilgrimage to Avila for the celebrations on St. Teresa’s feast day; a chance to enjoy the art of El Greco, Velazquez, and Goya; a firsthand experience of a Mozarabic Rite liturgy; and much pondering over southern Spain’s complicated medieval history (with its unique interplay of Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim cultures).  Father will share pictures and stories from the following cities:

--Madrid (all trains lead to it)

He will also explore some more serious themes on faith, religion, history, culture, and spirituality:

--Medieval Muslim and Jewish philosophy (and their lasting influence)
--Religious Freedom
--Different “Rites” of the Catholic Church
--The great Carmelite figures of Saint Teresa and Saint John of the Cross